We are concerned that some foreigners in Hong Kong may encounter the language barrier and inconvenience factors that caused

them powerless to do recycle even they have a heart for recycling. In view of this, we are now launching an Environmental Recycling

Services call Recycle E at the Facebook, which aims to offer a convenient online recycle appointment service and with an automatic

reply system that makes you have a better recycling experience and make the recycling become flexible.

Our Services

Online Recycle Appointment Service

You ONLY need to make an appointment on Facebook within FEW minutes.

Home Recycling Service

No matter how far you live in and how many recyclable items.

Product Processing Service

If the items in good condition, we will consider donations or upcycling. Otherwise, the material would be sent to the manufacture for refining.

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Only 3 Steps to Book Appointment

  1. Select a time slot for recycling

  2. Provide details of recycling items

  3. Confirmation of recycling schedule

Make the appointment become easy and flexible!

        Please follow our Facebook page (Recycle E) and make an appointment if necessary.


        Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Recycle-E-104341004607633