Product Destruction

Product Destruction Can Become More Circular

Counterfeit, defective or outdated products coming into the market can damage your brand if these items were to fall into the wrong hands, only one incident of a consumer being harmed, negative press, or substandard products being sold, can ruin your millions dollars marketing effort and years of goodwill. Protect your brand identity by ensuring that all official branded items, promotional gifts or counterfeit goods are destroyed in a highly secure environment, when they're no longer required.

Our sustainable product destruction solution will analyze the product design and material recyclability, to determine the sustainable options including reuse, upcycling, recycling, parts harvest to improve the material recovery rate and achieve zero waste. 

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Why Choose EcoSage to  destroy your specialty items

Product destruction is a certified process to ensure your products are 100% destroyed: Not Everyone Can Do It. 

EcoSage offers comprehensive product destruction services to help you process these surplus products. We are committed to running an environmentally friendly, ethical and secured product destruction business. This is represented by our ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 accreditation, which means that that we meet the international standard for establishing an Environmental Management System and Information Security Management System.

Importantly, our experienced team with background screening can help you maintain compliance with your in-house brand protection policy and ensure your brand product is securely destroyed.

Here are just some examples of branded items that can be securely destroyed and recycled:

  • Out-dated Products

  • Recalled Goods

  • Returned Merchandise

  • Defective Products

  • Off-spec Products

  • Proprietary Packaging

  • Uniforms and garments

  • ID cards and passes

  • Counterfeit and confiscated goods

  • Marketing material

  • Product prototype and samples

How Product Destruction works?

EcoSage accept a wide range of products and materials for secure destruction. More than a destruction process, an inspection will be performed by our Chartered Waste Manager to understand the type, quantity and complexity in your products before deciding on a product destruction method. The Product Destruction Plan will be prepared for our customer for approval.

In our state-of-the-art processing facility, we use a combination of machine and manual processes are used to disassemble, break down, shred, or crush the products, which are then upcycled, recycled or disposed of in a safe, secure and environmentally manner. 

Chain of Custody

Chain of custody is a fully auditable paper trail providing end to end visibility documentation of what was done, when, and by whom in the process of product destruction. Depending on your needs, this may include:

  • Identification and scanning of all necessary serial numbers for tracking purposes;

  • A recording of the time of disposition, and the method of disposition;

  • Identification of the individuals executing the procedure;

  • A video recording of the process;

  • A signed Certificate of Destruction proving compliance with relevant regulations.


By partnering with EcoSage, sustainability will always be an integral part of product destruction solution. Recycling and upcycling options for the materials arising from the destruction process are always a higher priority in the drive to create sustainable destruction operation than the disposal.

EcoSage will make a greater impact and get total insight into your product destruction progress. Our proprietary report gives you detailed metrics by waste type, time period and location and lets you understand your recycling progress at a glance. Ultimately, we can find out how you can make a big difference to achieve sustainability cost effectively.


Many of the products sent for destruction contain resources that can be recovered for manufacturing new products, meaning less waste to landfill and reduced pressure on natural resources.


Up-cycling is an act of repurposing a waste. The up-cycled item often becomes more functional or beautiful than what it previously was. EcoSage has a network of partnership companies and artists that specialized in up-cycling, which can bring your destroyed products to another level. 

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