Commercial Recycling

Circular Economic based at Commercial Recycling  

Increased sustainability and a circular economy are the targets many corporations have been working towards in recent years. Corporations shift its business from a linear “take, make, waste” economy to a circular “reduce, reuse, recycle” model, the commercial recycling becomes crucial toward a circular economy.

Our commercial recycling offers bespoke solutions for different industries, which fit in with your business operation and handle the various materials in the sustainable manner, including reuse, upcycling, recycling toward zero waste and promote a sustainable business community. And also gives you greater control over your company's waste habits.


Material Coverage

Every year, we collect, treat and market around thousand tonnes of recyclables. We handle various types of material – from paper and metal, to furniture and clothes, avoid thousand tonnes of materials sent to landfill.

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Our SolutionS

Green Office 

Trash and recycling pickup, specialty waste solutions and advanced security services keep your workplace clean, productive and secure.

Logistics Warehouse 

EcoSage helps you to take care of the excess that's generated by logistics and warehouse operations.

Building Management 

Our tailored waste and recycling services keep your buildings clean and your guests and tenants happy.


We can help you meet your sustainability goals for your stores as well as your distribution and fulfillment centers.


You serve up great experiences to your patrons, but not everything can or will be eaten. Let us help you take care of any leftovers, trash and recycling the right way.


You produce the products we use every day. Manufacturing never stops—and neither do waste streams. We help you manage waste reliably and responsibly.


Recycling in hospitality industry can reduce your waste management costs and save space, your environmental credentials will be improved and impact on the environment will be reduced.


EcoSage provides a range of recycling services in a secured way to the finance sector. 


Whether you’re running an even or a boutique gallery space, we have solutions to help your venue host flawless events.

Smart Recycling  Solution

"Innovation and Technology is the backbone of our Smart Recycling solution."

Our approach is simple, we collect data via applicable IoT technology and mobile application. Turning of data into insight drives our custom waste & recycling solutions  that are efficiently harnessed to optimize your business and recycling operations.


By partnering with EcoSage, you’ll make a greater impact and get total insight into your recycling progress. Our proprietary report gives you detailed metrics by waste type, time period and location and lets you understand your recycling progress at a glance. Ultimately, we can find out how you can make a big difference to achieve sustainability cost effectively.

Tips to Improve Your Business’s Recycling Effort

1. Waste Management Plan 

Waste Management Plan establishes the goals of the recycling process, outlines where materials will be taken, and dictates how they will be processed.

2. Waste Audit

Waste audits establish baselines to visual the waste generation pattern and better identify the types and quantity of waste in a company’s stream. By identifying the types and quantity of waste within a particular period of time, your company can find opportunities to improve recycling effectiveness.

3. Setup collection infrastructure

Recycling storage and collection areas should be placed in convenient and easy-to-access locations. Researches discover that centralized collection areas have higher recycling rates than desk-side bins. This strategy works by making workers more aware of the materials they are disposing of rather than aimlessly tossing them in desk-side bins.

4. Engage collectors

Ensure that different types of recyclable materials are stored in separate containers and sent to appropriate recycling facilities.

5. Communication

Continuously educate staff on the importance of recycling can increase their awareness of company’s recycling direction. Regularly reporting the recycling performance to staff can strengthen their sense of achievement.

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