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How ITAD Helps Companies Improve ESG Performance

March 2023 — 182 views ESG ESG Performance IT Asset Disposition ITAD

Coffee Upcycling

Novel Mutant Enzyme to Degradation of Plastic

EcoSage x DZ
May 2021 — 1993 views Degradation Mutant Enzyme Plastic waste Recycling Sustainability

UNIQLO Recycled Down Jacket

EcoSage x DZ
February 2021 — 2454 views Circular Business Recycling Reuse Sustainability

Alternatives of Animals Leather from Sustainable

Electrolux Develop Vacuum Cleaner from Recycling

EcoSage x DZ
December 2020 — 2028 views Circular Business E-waste Recycling Reuse Sustainable Development

EPD Waste Reduction Facilities

EcoSage x DZ
November 2020 — 2067 views Recycling Reduce Waste Waste Management

Algae Paper of Postage Stamps from Venice

Ikea Buy Back Scheme

Recycle E

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We drive sustainability for our customer throughout a data driven waste management approach, by integrating sustainability in the every process of reversed supply chain management, we enable our customers to have greater positive impacts to the society and environment with higher business return.

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